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Breaking Atoms is the debut album of American hip hop group Main Source, released July 23, 1991 on Wild Pitch Records. Production for was handled by the group and took place during 1990 to 1991 at Homeboy Studio, Power Play Studios, and Libra Digital in New York City. Recorded during the golden age of hip hop, Breaking Atoms is distinguished stylistcally by its incorporation of jazz and soul music samples.[1] The album has been highly regarded by music writers due mostly to its production, whose heavy and original use of sampling influenced hip hop producers for a considerable portion of the 1990s.
The album has been widely regarded by writers and music critics as a significantly influential album and has been noted for debuting rapper Nas, who appears on the track “Live at the Barbeque”.[7][11] His contribution to the song was sampled on “Genesis”, the intro track to his debut album Illmatic (1994). Source: Wikipedia
Anniversary of Hank Aaron breaking the HR record in 1974. All class.

'Earthmother' by Keith Parkinson.

Beautiful my mother, Yemaya! Thank you for being there during the worst moments of my life and giving me the strength to continue, the courage to withstand what comes my way, and the understanding of a mother as you are to me. There are no words to describe the way I feel about this Orisha, my mother Yemaya. You are everything to me, before my head, and you hold the place in my heart. Iyami, you are my strength, you are my sword against those that wish my harm, Yemaya you are the one who has given me reason to continue living and to continue this journey of life. The dark times when I can’t take it anymore, when I just ask for peace through death and for my suffering to end; the suffering I live through everyday that only you know, MAMI YOU GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO CONTINUE, THROUGH YOUR WISDOM AND THROUGH YOUR LOVE YOU GIVE ME THE MOTIVE TO CONTINUE TO LIVE, TO KEEP GOING AND GIVE ME THE HOPE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW!!! THANK YOU MAMA, MAFEREFUN YEMAYA TODOS LOS DIAS DE MI VIDA! BAJO LA CABEZA EN RESPETO A TI MI MADRE, TU QUE ME DAS LA FUERZAS, TU QUE ERES MI CORAZON, TE AMOOOOOOOOOOOO! OMIOOOOOO YEMAYA!!!


An Orisha who represents the Earth and the work of agriculture and cultivating. Related strongly with Oggun and Olokun. He comes from the territory of Saki, west of Oyo. The arbiter of disputes, especially amongst women, considered judge of disputes amongst Orishas. He is who provides food to the world, as being the Earth.
The father of the land, knowing the secrets of farming and maintaining the harvest and crops fertile. He maintains the stability of life through his plantaion. He tends to the crops on a daily basis to ensure good harvest.
Ensuring the prosperity of harvests, messengers are the bees and Orisha Oko represents fertility and prosperity. Barren women come to him and he forms the trilogy with Oke and Oggue. He is responsible of the harvests, the rain, the inner fire capable of splittling land and animals.
He has two personalities of day and night. In the day, he is a pure and perfect man. At night, he disguises as Iku. He receieves the corpses which he gives to Yewa and Oya sent through Babalu Aye. His name comes from Yoruba Orisa Oko (Orisha of work).
Orisha Oko is not directly received to the head and he is done through Yemaya Oro Orisha Oko due to the curse of Ibu Agana. His numer is 7 and his colors are pink and sky blue. His feast day is March 22 or May 15. He is syncretized with San Isidro. His sacrifices are male goats, roosters, and pigeons. A strong and affecionate father, protecting the hard workers. Living in the backyard of the priests home.
Orisha Oko is a child of Obatala and Yembo. Husband of Olokun, also having relations with Yemaya who he convinced to receive the secret of the Yams and give to his son Chango. He speaks through Diloggun Eyeunlke(8), Eyioko(2), and Oddi(7).
The Divine Moon

Baron SamediThe leader of the Guédé, Loa with particular links to magic, ancestor worship and death.

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